About Us

Green Gable Alpacas was established in October 2009 when following a family tragedy, I decided to leave corporate and city life behind and move from Hamilton, Ontario to the tiny, rural community of Birch Hill, Prince Edward Island with the intended purpose of becoming alpaca farmers.  I didn't know a soul on the Island and had never before experienced country living.  

I relocated to a beautiful, century-old farm house in January 2010 and began renovations and retro fits to my 11 acre property in preparation of my alpacas' arrival.  Box stalls and cattle stanchions were removed from the old dairy barn, post holes dug and the beginnings of nearly 2000 linear feet of fencing began.  Work also began on renovating what used to be the milk house into a rustic retail shop, aptly named the Fiber House Boutique. Through it all, I spent all of my spare moments learning as much as I could about my new farm life and the intricacies of raising quality alpacas.

My first shipment of 30 alpacas arrived a mere six weeks after my own arrival, with the remaining arriving in early August 2010.  This foundation stock was selected from respected farms from across the country - from as far away as British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia.  Over the course of the first summer, I was blessed with the on-farm birth of seven crias (babies).

As I celebrate my tenth year as an Islander by Choice, it gives me pause to reflect on how much my life has changed and how it has been enriched by my time and experiences here.  The work has not always been easy, or pretty or even fun....but it has always been honest....and I wouldn't change a minute of it.